Monday, 8 May 2017


Let the dead bury the dead,” said the Master of Eternal Life. Anyone who gets out of his own grave, three days after burial, deserves this title.
But why? Why did he bother?
He had to make a point. Not just today but then, some 2000 years ago, there had been skeptics who insisted on proof of things which they were too limited, too primitive, to understand. Regrettably, most of us remain in this category to this day.
Yeshûa didn’t perform any miracles. He merely manipulated reality by changing the rates of vibrations of energy. Rather as the TV producers do when broadcasting plays and information through thin air. No more than 200 years ago such feats would have been considered miracles. So would radio, flying machines, and ships made of metal that don’t sink.
In every generations there are some of us who are simply more advanced than others. Today and 2000 years ago. For instance, there are people around the world who do not eat. They are called autothrophs.

“The term designates an organism that makes its own food. Autotrophs can go on hunger strikes for years and even decades.”

Superstition? Hearsay? Ravings of some lunatics? What if there are ample energies in the air to sustain us? Birds can fly, fish can swim under water, plants can draw energy from the sun. Every living thing needs energy in order to survive.

“We get this energy from the foods that we eat. Autotrophs get their energy from non-living sources such as the sun and carbon dioxide. During the process of photosynthesis, not only is sunlight turned into energy, but carbon dioxide is taken from the air and oxygen is released in its place.”

That’s what scientists say. Are they also wrong? Yet all this relates only to our physical bodies…

So, what is life?
Life is a kinetic expression of static potential. Hence, the ‘expression’ is related to time, transiency, and effort. The static potential that motivates us remains eternal, omnipresent, and inexhaustible. Ultimately, the potential and the fulfillment are inseparable. They are One.
Thus, people aware of their true nature, of the infinite potential dwelling within them, aware of the purpose of their life, are alive. Those who identify only with the end product, the transient physical individualization, are still not awakened, or, as Yeshûa put it, still dead.
To synthesize all of the above, we are individualized states of consciousness who have created mobile biological robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, for the purpose of discharging our dharma.
The rest is… history.

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  1. Love is not only the centripetal energy which brings all into unity, but it also restores the perfection of the original idea.