Monday, 22 May 2017

EVENT HORIZON—Avatar Trilogy

Our scientists insist that the phenomenal world began with a Big Bang when nothing exploded into everything. There was no mass, no matter, no energy, no space. There was void. And suddenly, for no apparent reason, this nothing went bang! And, some 13.82 billions years later, but for the grace of Almighty Science, here we are, still talking scientific nonsense. Why? Science observes and learns from what is or was. I AM creates the future.
We are very, very slow learners.
Luckily, we, the real we, are immortal. Even as the Universe is. Whatever is eternal cannot have a beginning. It is a question of Universal balance. However, there is nothing to stop the Phenomenal Universe, (indeed Universes which we recognize as real), from changing form, renewing themselves, perhaps even starting from scratch.
From scratch, but not from nothing. Only scientists can do that—or so they appear to think. The Energy of Creative Potential is ever-present.

Scientists are trying hard to wiggle out of their theoretical predicament. Gravitational attraction of a Black Hole would remain the same as it was before its mass collapsed into one. A galaxy of say 100 billion suns compressed into a Black Hole would be a fraction of a light year, compared to the 100,000 light years whence it came.
The Black Holes, the scientist say, can also be tiny. “Exceedingly small.” “If the Earth was compressed into a black hole, it would be less than an inch in diameter.” As the Black Holes are so small, it is not easy to run into, let alone be swallowed, by one. Hence, the Event Horizon. It reaches out far away with its tentacles of attraction. It is also a narrow stretch of reality manifesting perfect balance. It is the “straight and narrow.” It is our base of operations.
It is a narrow path from which we can either fall into the dissolution (Black Hole), or spread our wings to increase the diversity of the Infinite Potential, of which we are but tiny individualizations.  After all, “as above, so below…”

Human Potential is deeply elaborated in my books. As for the Event Horizon, AWAKENING, book 3 of the Avatar Trilogy, ventures into the reality of Heavens. The inner realities begin in our subconscious and stretch into eternity. There are infinite states of consciousness waiting for us to explore. Infinite in the eternal NOW. We are immortal, remember? AWAKENING—Event Horizon describes the next gigantic step in human evolution. Read it and start on your journey. You don’t have to die in order to live.

A few blurbs from 5 STAR reviews for Avatar Syndrome:

Just Brilliant!
Fantastic Book
Very Good Book
Scientific and Spiritual
Endearing and Enlightening!
A tale of an extraordinary life
The marriage of creativity and genius
Thought-provoking and masterful work!
Another great spiritual journey from Law
Impressive, deep and intelligent! Loved it!

And many more…

Avatar Syndrome, Headless World, and Awakening take us on a trip from phenomenal reality to the First Heaven. Let me know what you think, preferably in a review on Amazon. I need your thoughts. 

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