Monday, 29 May 2017

NOW—Being & Becoming (A Love Story)

This is a paranormal love story with 18 FIVE-STAR reviews. You can search far and wide for a story that is not based on love. Love makes the world go round.  Eternally. Drawing us ever closer by Centripetal Force that will not be denied. Ultimately we all have been and will always remain ONE in the everlasting NOW.
All else is an illusion.
Leave it to scientists—the unawakened. They are great at studying what was. Unfortunately what is, is subject to constant fluctuations, transient existence, ephemeral reality. So are they. And so it is with time.
“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once,” said Albert Einstein. Einstein was so much more than a scientist. First and foremost he was a lover of wisdom—a perfect amalgam of knowledge and love.
The point is that, contrary to the ‘scientific’ nonsense about the Big Bang, nothing can be created out of nothing. Hence, everything already exists at least in its potential form. Time allows us, individualizations of omnipresent consciousness, to slowly, very slowly, become aware of the infinite potential extant in the eternity of NOW.

We live and learn. Some of us. Others look only backwards, studying what had already been converted into transient phenomenal forms by others. Like the galaxies, and stars and… atoms. In truth, only energy exists in its diverse forms, all ensuing from the energy of consciousness vibrating at infinite rate and thus being omnipresent. All infinities are omnipresent and have their Being in the eternal NOW. Our awareness of this fact comes from I AM, the state of Being.

John Clarkson, the hero of NOW—Being & Becoming, gains a fragment of this knowledge by sheer accident. He wraps his car around a lamppost. The next instant he's looking down on his body lying in a ditch. He wonders why he doesn't feel any pain. What follows are “300 spellbinding pages!”

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Get Immersed!
Exceptional Experience!
Spellbinding and mind-opening!
A supreme exploration of mortality
Could Not Put This Down! Love this book!
Just read it and follow the flow - a brilliant novel!

And many more…

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A Love Story

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  1. Nikola Tesla, the man Einstein called genius said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” I do, do you?

  2. You can change the nature of any aspect of reality by changing the frequency of its rate of vibration. To this day, such actions are referred to as miracles.