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Regrettably, few of us heard about the Universal Laws, and fewer still decided to follow them. Hence, some evolve, and the vast majority sustains the status quo. The difference between the two groups is the degree to which they manage to sublimate their ego to free their individual Self.
Not an easy proposition.
There is another problem. At each stage of evolution, we think that we, or at least some of us, have reached the stage wherein the truth we have gained is absolute. That we have “the word of God”, and hence nothing can possibly improve it, adjust it, or add to it.
Not so.
Thousands of years ago people thought they arrived at the truth. Thousands of years later they thought the Earth was flat. Now we are told that there is no matter, that all is energy. In another thousand years, we might learn that all is just consciousness, and the reality we experience is no more than our vision of it. Who can tell what ‘truth’ humanity, or any other intelligent embodiments of consciousness, might arrive at, a million or two, let alone a billion years from now? After all, the latest we hear from the scientists that the Big Bang was a false alarm, that even the phenomenal universe might be renewing itself in an eternal cycle.
We live and learn, but only if we do not pretend that we have already arrived at the truth.
Science, to quote Carl Sagan, “is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” The absorption of truth requires an open mind, not one stuck in a fundamentalist doctrine of either religion or science. 

Each creative act is experimental and therefore transient. We, the instruments of creation, the mobile self-replicating biological computers, achieve best results when not distracted by the propensities imposed by the struggle of physical existence. The mystics and great artists insist that such creativity can only take place when we completely negate our egos. Only then we can draw on the Source, on our unconscious, to initiate a creative process.

As we advance along the taxing steps of evolution, the scope of our creative endeavours increase proportionally to our awareness of our purpose. The scope of our responsibilities increases even as our consciousness expands. After all, we are gods. Well, potential gods. Gods in waiting.
The Winston Trilogy takes us through various stages of evolution. We begin low, increase our influence through indirect means, invariably staying in the shadows. Gradually we might rise to planetary if not galactic realms, guiding and serving ever greater multitudes.

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  1. Re Jiddu Krishnamurti's statement. Thoughts are the means of converting the potential ideas originating in the unconscious into manifestation. Repeating the same ideas in not creative.