Friday, 3 February 2017

Heaven & Earth & Hell

Most of us remember the saying: “Many are called, but Few are chosen.” First, we must ask what of the many, many, more who have not been called, who never heard the Word. What is to happen to them? I call them the Third Party. It seems that the nomenclature needs elucidation.
Those who rely on biblical statements and who heard the Word are, reputedly, amongst those that have been called. The question is, what word have they heard. If they rely on scriptural statements that are veiled in symbolic meanings to protect them, “lest the pearls be cast among the swine”, then they must decipher ancient symbolism. If not, then whatever they heard is relatively close to nonsense. People like Richard Dawkins ridicule the word, as they are totally ignorant of their symbolic meaning.
Yet even those who have heard and understood it, still have a choice to put the knowledge into practice or to ignore it. Only those who actually practice the word are among the ‘Few’. Very, very Few…
The rest, the vast majority, are the Third Party.
If this vast majority reacts to the dictates of nature, they cannot be blamed. After all good and evil is a purely human invention. We forget that what is good for some, might well be bad, let alone evil, for someone else. Democrats and Republicans will attest to that.
No. There is only a state of balance.
After all, “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life”. And here comes symbolism. There was no nomenclature available 2000 years ago, to explain the issue. The gate is the narrow range of alpha brainwaves through which we can enter the inner reality. As for the “narrow way” — it corresponds to the Event Horizon. It is the narrow path from which we can either fall into the dissolution (the black hole), or spread our wings to increase the diversity of the Infinite Potential, of which we are but tiny individualizations.  After all, “as above, so below…”

These subjects are both elaborated in my books. The secret doctrine can be studied with the aid of my DICTIONARY OF BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM. As for the Event Horizon, AWAKENING, book 3 of the Avatar Trilogy, delves into the reality of Heavens. The inner realities begin in our subconscious and end in infinity. Even our scientists, some of them avowed atheist, accept the concept of infinity with amagnanimous gesture. Until recently,  only God was infinite. God, the Infinite Potential in the timeless condition of being. Now, the stage of becoming joined the divine. And becoming is Life itself.

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Avatar Syndrome, Headless World, and Awakening take us on a trip from phenomenal reality to First Heaven. Let me know what you think, preferably in a review on Amazon. I need your thoughts.

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