Monday, 27 February 2017


It is embarrassing to realize that Einstein was right on both counts. (See below.) After some 4 billion years of “evolution”, we have reached the understanding of reality equivalent to that of an ameba. We surround ourselves with things, items we can perceive with our primitive senses, decorate our names with titles, and having saturated our minds with knowledge of the past, we seldom allow any new idea to penetrate our protective intellectual barriers. We rest on our laurels.
There is one other Albert’s quotation that I’d like to share: Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”
After 4 billion years of education we, the homo extremely-non-sapient continue to emulate our bacterial origins by destroying the environment, which feeds us. Even grass and trees have learned more than we have in the last few billion years.
Traditions are at the root of this phenomenon. We are taught by our elders, to repeat the errors of the past, preferably by making them just a little more regressive than our parents did. We are not evolving. Our bodies might be, as might the nature that surrounds us, but men and women, with very few exceptions, are going down the drain of stupidity.

Yet… there are a Few that are Chosen. 
No, I cannot count myself among the Few, although I do claim to be among the Many that are called. The masses, the 90+% of the human race, is not included. Regrettably, evolution advances at a rate best defined as between dead slow and dead slow.
And this will continue until the next Ice Age. Or until the next meteor or asteroid strikes our still semi-verdant planet. But don’t worry. Nothing is lost in the phenomenal universe. We are all energy. Our bodies will be recycled until Omnipresent Creative Consciousness that permeates all reality with amorphous presence begins, once again, to individualize Itself. That which is omnipresent can only aspire to become diversified in the endless realities, to regard Itself from within and without.
This ubiquitous Energy remains eternally in a state of eternal Being. It is static, and all its attributes remain in their Potential capacity. We, the species endowed with biological computers, tend to call it God, yet it is neither good nor bad, neither saintly nor evil. It just IS. “My Father cannot behold evil,” remember? And when we close our eyes and manage to detach ourselves from the input of our senses, we can actually experience the awareness of that which IS. In such moments we can but whisper silently I AM.
I AM that I AM.
Not the “I am” that accumulates things of transient value, but the I AM that identifies with the infinite, immortal, indestructible, yes… even omnipresent that manifests within us. In such moments we might even begin to perceive what evolution is all about.
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  3. Einstein's postulates:
    1. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another,”
    2. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”