Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Recently, more and more scientists, particularly astrophysicists, tend to aver that both time and space are infinite. Perhaps, if not in the physical or phenomenal sense, then at least so in its potential realm. If so, if they are right, then science is, once again, approaching the mystic background on which religions had been founded.
Go back a few trillion years.
Now imagine ‘people’, intelligent beings that existed then, perhaps continue to exist in some form unknown to us. People that had been born some trillions of years ago, of energies that coalesced in one form or another to be,  even for brief moments of history, bodies (individualizations) of our forefathers. If they didn’t destroy themselves but managed to survive the ages that separate us, they, if evolution truly exists, by any definition of our standards they would be gods.
Almighty, all-powerful, magnificent gods.
The bodies they occupied would have long passed the stage of using photons instead of atoms to define their personal enclosures in the phenomenal Universe. The eldest amongst them would have developed the ability to exist, as individuals, of pure consciousness. Of energy whose rate of vibrations is infinite, and thus omnipresent. Perhaps they would only manifest their presence wheresoever they chose to place their attention.
Would they not be as gods? And now think what may have happened on the Olympus...

And if they were still around, would they still be evolving? "World without end," as the priest of my youth would have said. World without end, a manifestation of the omnipresent amorphous energy of intelligence with infinite potential ever fulminating within the limitless confines of infinity.
Is your head spinning yet?
If not it might, in a million or two years from now. Don’t despair, as an individualization of omnipresent consciousness you are immortal. Isn’t it fun?

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