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What is surprising, almost stunning, about duality of reality, of cause and effect, is that contrary to assurances from our scientific fraternity, this duo is completely and absolutely inseparable. One cannot be, exist, without its other component. The two are invariably and inexorably One. Yet, most of us, the scientists in particular, insist on delving almost exclusively into the effect, ignoring, for the most part, the primary cause. They study the “world”, the stars that long ceased to exist, the subatomic quanta they can neither see nor detect with their best technology, yet forever ignoring what brought them into our reality.

Yet in Heaven, everything already exists in its Potential. It is there in a static form, in the eternal present, the immobile NOW where our I AM has its origins. From there It emerges, performs Its creative acts, and returns to the state of Being. This inherent duality can be observed in all aspects of manifested reality, in all aspects of the phenomenal world. Once its mission is accomplished, it reverts to the static form of Being, enriching the Potential with its experience of Becoming.
Yet, the State of Being is not truly static. It vibrates at a infinite rate, hence manifesting beyond time or space. It is omnipresent, eternal, indestructible.

Nothing anyone writes, or had ever written, or could write, would describe the totality of potential extant in the concept of God. God is a name we coined for the energy of Being endowed with infinite potential of everything, which finds its expression through kinetic energy. A human, and all kinetic creation, is the consequence of that omnipresent energy manifested through infinite rates of vibration.
A human who feels and acts in accord with the potential within him or her, is the biblical concept of the “beloved son”, or daughter of course, of the Potential within them. The biological computer (brain and neurological system), together with the endocrine (glandular system, taking care of our emotional body), and the sensory system (giving us awareness of the external vibratory rates of energy), generate a false consciousness known as Ego. While we tend to associate excesses of ego with negative aspects of our personality, it is necessary to sustain our individuality in the phenomenal Universe.
It is vital to accept that we, everyone of us, must reach the evolutionary stage of accepting our duality. We must accept that both, Being and Becoming are integral parts or our nature. The two make us whole. Complete.

The Gospel of Thomas states: “Whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.” We are endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? The author offers us the Key to Immortality.

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