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“Each man receives according to his ability to receive”. The saying originates in the Bible with the story of talents, and is picked up, if a little inaccurately though surprisingly, by Karl Marx. The point is, however, that neither Bible nor Marx affirms that this is a truism derived from nature. The saying teaches neither religion, nor even social justice, but simply conveys the manner in which the universe works. It is true of man, of all animals, all fauna and even flora. Every living creature can only absorb the gifts that nature has to offer according to the evolutionary level that it, or he, or she, has reached.
There is no good or evil in nature. There is only a state of balance which we must restore after each venture into new territories of endeavour.
After all, we are all states of consciousness. No less, and no more. As is all creation. We are forms of energy vibrating at different rates. Only the rate of vibration of consciousness is infinite, hence omnipresent.
As for right or wrong—what is right for one may not be right for another. Again, this is true of men, of animals, of all living entities including plants and trees. Within the context of genera, or any division of fauna and flora, the only quality which determines its ‘righteousness’ or departure from it is the loss of the state of balance.
This is not to say that we should stay put in the old, tried out way. Just the opposite. Life, the essence of life, relies on the ability we develop through oscillating to and from the Event Horizon, from the state of balance, hovering precariously between being and becoming.
There is no death, of course.
There is only stasis and movement.
Stasis is potential, movement is life.
However, the Universal Laws demand that we do not venture too far from the “straight and narrow”, from the Event Horizon. From this vantage point, or line, or this state of consciousness, we must venture out, experiment, try out and conquer new challenges, ever maintaining contact with our departure point. We must all venture out according to our ability or talent, with which evolution equipped us.
We are instruments, biological robots, through which the Omnipresent Intelligence reaches out to ever more challenging pastures. All ideas already exist in their potential form within the Source. Life is the energy which enables those ideas to manifest at different rates of vibration, up to and including the most transient, the most ephemeral form of the phenomenal Universe.

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