Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AWAKENING—The Event Horizon

Consciousness is like Spirit. In a way, all-powerful. It creates realities. It is omnipresent. You think of the moon and, in your mind, you’re there. You might as well think of Andromeda. Or the French Riviera. In your mind, they are equal distance apart. Almost. Your mind is not the same as your Consciousness, but it’s the next best thing. Your Consciousness is already there—your mind takes you there—in no time at all. One day we shall learn to increase our rate of vibrations and manifest there physically.
Consciousness is all inclusive. It is replete with infinite potential. Like everything in the Universe, it is the source of quanta and vibrations.
We are Its individualizations.
What gives us personality is our will, our decision where and how to place our attention. Two people regarding exactly the same object, reading the same book, listening to the same song sang by a bird, a rock-band, or played by a symphony orchestra, will receive them all in a completely different way. We create our realities by the way we interpret the potential wheeling within us and without us. And then we become the consequences of the way we place and exercise our attention.
In this sense we are gods. Almighty.
It is all up to us. Up to our attention.
Attention is what builds our individuality, our soul. The grand total of our experience is stored in our subconscious. When we leave the transient, illusory, phenomenal reality, the incredible storehouse of subconscious gives us our illusion of heaven. There, we no longer suffer the consequences of our mistakes. There we know that our reality is no more than an echo of our transient experiences; that all is but a manifestation of the energy of consciousness, which we can mold through diverse rates of vibration, into endless forms, into endless realities.
Yet only at the slowest vibration, we can experience the consequences of our actions. It is the fastest way to learn.

And yet, though our Consciousness is already there; it’s a long journey. We are creatures of habit—shifting attention is not easy. We start with the AVATAR SYNDROME, perhaps by unifying the two hemispheres of our brain?
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And finally, there comes AWAKENING. The awareness of who and what we really are. We hover at the Event Horizon until…

… well, find out for yourself…

Let me know what you think, or better still, say so on Amazon…
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