Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Question of Self-Realization

When asked who we are, we usually reply by naming the job we do, perhaps our marital status, our nationality. 
The fact is, that most of us walk through our lives with little idea of who we really are, let alone knowing what we are supposed to be, or better still, what role we are supposed to play. Most women seem to think that they fulfill their mission in life by bearing, then, hopefully, raising children. Men, on their part, take on the job of a provider, of one who enables his family to keep “body and soul” together.
We seem to forget that every animal on earth does exactly the same. Shouldn’t we aspire to something more? More than just being sustainers of the human species? Something more than what every mammal, every bird, every reptile does in the course of their stay on Earth? Aren’t we more than that?

Many men in the past tried to persuade us that we are more. We listened, smiled, nodded, and continued walking in the path of Awagawan, the “coming and going”, in seemingly endless circles, without ever taking advantage of the great Masters’ teaching.
Until one day, a lightening strikes, and we realize that we are not what we seem to be. We realize that the bodies which we protect with such care are no more than physical enclosures for an incredible individualized unites of consciousness, which for countless years resided within us, desperately trying to make itself known to our physical awareness.
When that happens we become aware of our true nature. We also discover that when we begin doing what the consciousness within asks of us, we reach a level of happiness completely heretofore unknown to us. We also learn, gradually, what are our unique talents, what we are suppose to be doing, how best we can serve the world, serve humanity, to benefit the most for ourselves.
This fact alone gives us a sense of euphoria.
This is the arrival at the gates of self-realization.
At this moment we become aware of our immortality. At long last, we come truly alive.

Some of this is explained by Thomas in my Key to Immortality. The rest is up to us. 

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