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Power is the opposite of love. No matter how we might twist it, the purpose of power is to impose one’s will, not to support the will of others. Love proposes, power imposes. People who seek power obviously don’t know that. Someone once said that only a fool would seek power, only a saint would accept it. The dangers of corruption are just too great.
The reason why imposition of power doesn’t work is that every single person in the world is an individual, and the world “individual” comes from Latin meaning: indivisible or inseparable. From what? At some level, from the single, omnipresent Consciousness.
Those who claim to follow a religion, it means inseparable from God. Hence, the imposition of power by anyone on anyone should be avoided even at one’s own cost.
Apparently, most politicians, or those running various churches, or perhaps making millions on Wall Street, never heard about it, or… they can’t speak Latin. Nevertheless, ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking in. We break it in this life, and we’ll pay for it in the next. And the next. And… until we set it right. Until we restore the balance.
That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.
But we mustn’t blame those wielding power. Most people, though the majority would never admit it, want to be told what to do, and how to do it. They also want someone they can blame when things don’t work out. Perhaps life is intended to be joyful, not easy. If we enjoy challenges, then our lives are filled with joy.
And if any of us still wonder why did the great teachers of the past always stress the importance of love, the answer is easy. It is because, as I mention above, love is the antithesis of power. Power destroys him or her who wields it. Empires fall. Always. As do those who wield power. Love makes us One. It makes us Immortal.

The really Good News is that very, very few, of us have the onus to impose our will on others. It is a heavy cross to bear. But most of us are either independent, or are trying to be. And thus, only very few of us are subject to influence of deadly corruption. It doesn’t matter if the power is political, economical, religious or any other. It corrupts. Most of us do not wield power. We offer love, instead. Aren’t we lucky?
See my point?
Happy New Year!

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