Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Aquarius Trilogy

Somebody once told me, actually a number of people did, that my novel WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality is “begging for a sequel”. Well, as the saying goes, you (some of you) asked for it. The sequel has swollen into a Trilogy, and I am stuck with having to write it.
But, let us be quite clear. If I write it you’d better read it. And enjoy it. That last proviso is an absolute must! Without being propped up by this hope I’d never dream of embarking on such a long, two-volume task.

The Aquarian Trilogy will consist of the WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, which you already know; it will be followed by PLUTO EFFECT, and then end up with the 7TH RACE. And when I get through with these, nothing will induce me to write another word on the subject. As for the meaning of the titles, we must let Dr. Simon Jones, PhD, the visiting professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University, and hence visiting a dozen other universities, to explain.
Very briefly, the Pluto Effect alludes to the biblical admonition that one “cannot pour new wine into old skins”, without destroying both, the quality of wine and possible the skins themselves. In our day and age, when we no longer use skins, we must find a way to make room for new wine, or systems, without destroying the vessels, which can or could support the new ones. In symbolic terms, we are the vessels. Wine is the new knowledge, new abilities, new traits evolution bestows on us. It is, what might be called, the natural order of things.

As for writing the Trilogy, frankly, I had no choice. The upheavals, which are at present sweeping the world, are mounting, threatening to upset all present systems, possibly resulting in a completely new political and economical structure of the world order. The present systems, powers, organizations will have a hard time to fit into the new scheme of things.
And let us make no mistake about this.
The forthcoming New Order will be as different from the world we live in today, as the atomic bomb and supersonic flights were from the days when the Christ walked this Earth. We had two thousand years to learn the lessons he imparted to us, and now, in the Age of Aquarius, we shall bear the consequences of our learning.
I think most of us already suspect that. My job is to show how such a cataclysmic change as is already in the making can take place without destroying all humanity. And trust me, it is going to be cataclysmic. And yet, humanity will survive, if only…
I’d better leave that for later.
Don’t hold your breath. It will take me a while to write parts 2 and 3. But when the books come, you’d better be ready for a surprise of a lifetime. And a shock it will be. That’s a promise. 

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