Tuesday, 4 December 2012

When Two become One

Some of us are lucky. We never suffered from millions of expensive toys having been thrown at as, when children, probably to keep us quiet. Being free from the plethora of waste, we had been forced to create our own playthings; forced to use our imagination, our brains, just to amuse ourselves. We invented our own toys, even our realities, which sated our need to exercise our neurons, to quench our inner hunger; to fill our life with vitality, with joy upon which we could grow and mature into adulthood.
Yes, we were the lucky ones.
And if we were luckier still, then our real self, the entity which has chosen to express itself through our physical, mental and emotional constructs, stretched out a helping hand and drew us outward and upward to give us a foretaste of immortality.
Such was The Princess.
Her name was Sandra. It is her story as much as Alec’s that my novel recounts. Being a fable it must start with words, “Once upon a time”, but, contrary to the assurances of most fabulists, it really does go on forever after.
Beautiful as only a princess can be, she is commanding, virtually all knowing, kind, loving… Real princesses are like that. And if they are truly on our side, then, one day, if we are luckier still, they merge their being with ours, for ever — for ever-after, if you like. That’s what fables are for. They make the seemingly impossible — possible, the unattainable — within reach. Alec found his Princess. If you read my book, perhaps you will also find yours. Pay attention, and Alec will show you how.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this month, it is free. That’s December 4th, 5th, and 6th. Don’t miss it. Kate Jones wrote that, “The cosmic merging of Alec and Sandra is exceptional writing, even for you...”. She meant me. Would you believe it?!

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