Thursday, 27 December 2012

Love, Romance and Sex

It must be ages since we confused some common words, which seem to fill, so often, our “literary” pages. Romance, love, and sex, have became completely interchangeable; and this in spite of Shakespeare and a host of poets, who did their level best to draw lines between them. Of course, the use of language must, per force, always sink to its lowest denominator—to the level the vast majority of people. How else could writers make a living?
Alas, many are called, only few are chosen. I am writing this to those who wish to be chosen. To the chosen few who decided not to follow the masses.
Yet, as we know from Peter & Paul, both are necessary. The many are needed to sustain the human species from which the few can rise to unprecedented levels. The Shakespeares, mentioned above, the Mozarts, the Leonardo da Vincis, the saints and saviors, the masters in so many fields… they are all part of the same human species. Yet, are they not the chosen few?
The ridiculous thing is that when Einstein’s brain was examined, it differed in no way from many others on the autopsy table. We all have the same, i.e. near infinite, potential. We are all gods in the making, latent geniuses, almost ready to enhance our species.
What happened?
We confused love, romance and sex.

Romance and sex sustain our species, our place in the animal kingdom. Every animal species indulges in sex, quite a few in romance. Observe the romance that Birds of Paradise display in mating. Few humans can match it. Few humans would, even if they could. And even parental love is inbred in our genes. It forces each species to look after its young. This, too, is still part of procreation.
But there is also a different kind of love. In moments of great inspiration this kind of love can be manifested, though… rarely in nonhumans. It is called Unconditional Love. It is the kind of love that can make us divine. The kind of love that does not differentiate between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Which makes us One.

In my new historical novel, Peter & Paul, I discuss the concept of the many and the few. You might enjoy it. It is about the greatest gift that we can give to each other. 

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