Friday, 14 December 2012

Big and little Bangs

The other day I read on the BBC Internet News that the scientists couldn’t understand why such a gargantuan black hole could exist in the middle of such a small galaxy. At first I thought the learned astrophysicist must have been joking.
Also on the Internet, “Sky and Telescope”, labeling itself, “THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ASTRONOMY” reports:

A record-breaking black hole lurking at the center of a compact galaxy weighs about 17 billion Suns, a new study finds. Now astronomers are wondering: how did such a small galaxy come to harbor a leviathan?

Are they really? Wondering?
Isn’t it obvious to a ten year-old? Sorry, no offence to the ten-year olds.
And then I remembered the sentiments about the scientists I expressed in my book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. Garbage in, garbage out. Apparently this applied not only to electronic computers by to the electric impulses gallivanting in scientists’ heads. Just how do the scientists imagine the Big Bang happen. From a Baby Bang in the middle of a great void?

For a black hole to “weigh” about 17 billion Suns, it must have grown from an equally gargantuan mega-galaxy over billions (and billions?) of years. Perhaps longer than our present, visible Universe exists. Perhaps the origin of our World wasn’t such a big bang after all. Perhaps there are many bigger hiccups still to come. Think about it. Seventeen billion suns? And… there may well be many bigger ones.
I wonder what will our astronomers say to that.

PS. While shivering at the thought of a 17 billion Sun type black hole, let us not forget that the, so called, matter is 99.99999999999% empty space. (Read my book, I didn’t make it up). Under those circumstances, the gargantuan black hole might not be so gargantuan after all.
I just love our scientists, don’t you?
The only thing that is billions of times bigger than our Sun is the dollars they spend on their research facilities. On the other hand, isn’t money also imaginary? Perhaps it, too, it is just a delusion?

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