Saturday, 22 December 2012

End of the World

The Mayan calendar is finished and we are not.
I am glad you are still around to read this. There have been many forecasts proclaiming the End of the World. The Mayan Calendar is no exception. Nor are people who propagate such scare tactics. Some say that Jehovah’s Witnesses alone, posted more than ten dates for our impending demise. You sure we’re all still around?
The only world that will ever end for you, or me, is the world we have created as individuals.
There are many theories about the world. They are always very physical—very materialistic. First there was just one world—the solar system, the rest was just painted sky. Then there was a galaxy. Then we had many galaxies. Later a big, fat, or was it flat (?) universe. Then many universes. Finally, just recently, a multi-universe. Give them enough time and money, and the theoretical cosmologists will invent a whole bunch more of them.
This, providing we have the money, wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t for the fact that none of the universes they invent are real. Nothing physical is really real. As stated in many of my blogs (and my book Delusions), whatever the scientists come up with is 99.99999999999% empty space, and probably long dead by the time they become aware of it. Their science is literally running on empty.
Don’t get me wrong. One scientist in about 100,000 is good. Really good. Clever. Like in any other profession.
On the other hand, there is no denying that the universe, or multi-universes, or whatever they want to call it, is there. Or here, depending on our point of view. The fact is that the moment we withdraw our consciousness either in sleep, or by having been knocked out, or by leaving our body permanently (some call it dying), all the universes we’ve left behind no longer exist. At least not for us. So the only universe that ends is ours. That’s right. Anyone’s particular universe—is no more.
All other, ah… imaginary universes are maintained and sustained by all other people who are still pretending that they are there. I mean here. Alive? Like the ex-Mayans, or the scientists.
So… we might as well enjoy the universes while we can. And, let us not sleep too long, lest they are no more there when we wake up. Ah… if we wake up. We can always dream, of course. Or…
Never mind. 

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