Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Liberty Repealed

The Land of the Free? You are kidding, right?
“Spread you legs wide, Madam, and hold your arms out.” Did you ever try refusing this command at the airport? We are free to obey or be arrested. Our choice.
Freedom? Not in Europe, North or South America, or most of Asia. Not my idea of freedom. In Canada, you are not even allowed to die at the time of your choosing. Liberty?
“Life is not fair, but God is good,” assures us the televangelist, pastor motivational speaker, and author, Robber Schuller. Some twenty people had given him 5 stars on the Amazon for this unprecedented pearl of wisdom.
Does Schuller’s statement sound like freedom to you? Life’s not fair? And whose fault is that? He, even as all religions and governments, continue to poison peoples’ minds with such statements. This is part of the carrot and stick syndrome of controlling people. How could life be unfair if god is good? If you love your child, would you be unfair to him or her? Would god do any less then you? Isn’t he supposed to be almighty? What sort of god does Schuller believe in?
And finally there is the popular dictum of most religions: “If you don’t do as I say, you’ll go to hell.” Or to jail. Your choice.
“Keep them scared and ignorant. This will make them easier to control,” is the motto that motivates all who are in power, the world over. In the western cultures, some of us have been brought up to believe the psalmist who said that: “ye are gods”. What a shame that our leaders have long forgotten this assurance, and are determined to turn us into obedient slaves.

But the truth will still set us free.
And when it does, in that instant we shall realize, suddenly, like a flash of lightning, that life—god notwithstanding—is always fair. That we can no longer blame anyone for the reality we have created through our own efforts—knowingly or not.
But to realize this truth we must earn our freedom. We must liberate ourselves from those who wish to curb our freedom, supposedly for our own good. Instead of listening to pompous TV preachers we must set aside a quiet time, everyday, during which we must learn to listen to our inner voice. Our inner voice. Not someone else’s microphone boosted harangues—political, economic, or religious. The truth, whatever it might be, lies within us. Within our hearts. Then Freedom will be our, again.

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As always, it’s up to you. 

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