Friday, 25 January 2013

Could Atheists be right?

On January 18th, 2013, Jason Palmer, the Science and Technology reporter for the BBC News, stated, in writing, and in the same article, two propositions, which, apparently to him, are not in contradiction to each other:

1. “The Universe's highest-energy light could finally yield clues to the nature of the "dark matter" that makes up some 85% of the Universe's mass.” 
2. “The current theory holds that 75% of the Universe is dark energy, 21% is dark matter, and just 4% the kind of matter we know well.”

And, allow me to repeat, this very same scientific establishment has proven that the remaining 4% of “matter as we know it” is 99.9999999999999% empty space.
So much for scientists, Mr. Atheist. So much for things you think you can touch and feel and pretend that what your physical senses tell you are real. Good luck, only please, don’t tell that to any physicist or any other self-respecting scientist, or they’ll laugh you out of your reality.  

So… what is real?
As Aldous Huxley has said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” Or… set you free? As always, I suppose, it’s your choice.
There are, unfortunately, no shortcuts. You may sit under a Bodhi tree for countless years and be none the better for it. You might, on the other hand, wake up one day, and suddenly, yes, quite unexpectedly, feel that something stupendous has taken place. That suddenly the reality that you always regarded as the real thing is no longer… well, was no longer real. That reality has taken on a new, wondrous dimension, that it widened, and grew, and spread to the ends of the Universe, and that somehow, by some strange unexplainable means you became an indivisible part of this wonder of wonders.
And a moment later things will return to ‘normal.’ The same reality, which took you along the passage of time into the illusory reality which, once again, surrounds you. Only this time you will smile, to yourself, and to all the atheists in the whole, wide world. Because you’ll know something they don’t.
And then you’ll smile again. Because you’ll also know that it is only a question of time. You will know that one day a lightening will also strike them, and fill their hearts with wonder.  And then they too will smile. Perhaps, a little like Mona Lisa.
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