Thursday, 17 January 2013


At first sight, for reasons not quite clear to me, perhaps fuelled by fear, we don’t seem to notice the changes that are transforming our world in recent years. Yet, surely, one would have to be blind not to notice that slowly but truly we are careering steeply into the Age of Anarchy.
But not all is lost. Like everything else, this Age is transient.
No matter what causes the upheavals we witness, their purpose has invariably positive aims. We are about to make gigantic steps in electronic evolution, which is likely to make many a labour done at present by men—obsolete. I am not a prophet, but an observer of trends, rather as a meteorologist observes air currents. And, indeed, just as a meteorologist—I can be wrong. By a year or two. Perhaps by a decade. But, trust me, our world order is in the process of changing diametrically.
The new scheme of things, which is creeping upon all of us, is as unavoidable as all the past rudimentary changes that took place, periodically, throughout history. You can read about some of them in my Visualization—Creating your own Universe. Unfortunately, what we cannot do is to stop the unfolding of reality, any more then we could stop the Earth spinning around our sun. Nor, hopefully, would we want to. But what we can do is to prepare to absorb the shockwave, which is approaching us.
No, not a tsunami. It will not be a consequence of any physical upheaval. It will be born from a change that is taking place in human consciousness.
A revolutionary change.
A hint comes from the Zodiac. In the Age of Aquarius, ever man will assume responsibility for watering his or her own garden.
People always seem to confuse such deductions with religious prophecies. Not so, unless one equates all things with religion. Nor is it science, which tends to study only the past—or the results, rather than the process itself. No. This is the study of the present, and drawing conclusions that are already shaping our future.
The vision of such is so real to me, that I am gathering evidence which will enable me two write two novels, the Pluto Effect and the 7th Race. Both are provisionary titles, but both will form a trilogy as continuation of my already published novel The Wall, which is destined to form part one of the Aquarius Trilogy.
Our “free will” is limited to temporary resistance of the whirlwind in which countless zillions of cycles of energy and matter swirl to construct for us an illusion of the world we consider to be real.
Wait and see. Only please, keep your eyes open, and if you don’t want to, then, when ready, read my book. I will not keep anything from you. Trust me, if you enjoyed my “Wall ”, then you’ll love the next two.
And if not, well, I will have enjoyed writing them. 

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