Monday, 7 January 2013

For Writers Only

Few writers seem to realize that the prerequisite to writing is having something to say. We have video and audio recordings of what is, what transpired, while only writers have the privilege to show what could be—even if later it were to be converted to other media.
Ah, yes. Something to say…
That, according to the majority, leaves us with sex and murder—like 90% of programs on TV and the movies, often on our news, too. Unless one could describe such the way Shakespeare did, such liberties should be redundant.
Thankfully, there is a small group of people who seem left out from this prevailing mainstream; people who stand apart from the masses that populate this glorious planet of ours. As so often these days, they are the unknowns.
They are the few. I learn from them, daily.

I’ve chosen to write about the Human Potential. Not many people do. Not about our propensity for accumulating material goods; those are transient—ephemeral—while our potential is not only infinite but also eternal.
I wonder how many people, including the so-called, successful amongst us: the CEO, the presidents, those to whom leadership has been entrusted, how many of them ever wondered what was, what is, meant by the ancient biblical phrase: “Ye are gods”. If those men, or women, belong to any organized religion, then they would have to take this expression as blasphemy. After all, this is exactly how this phrase had been treated some 2000 years ago. The fact this potential had been made for all men and women didn’t help. Blasphemy punished by crucifixion.
Had the psalmist been wrong? After all, he was one among the many; yet only human. “Only” sounds like such an inadequate word when speaking of Human Potential.

Well, after some 50 years of daily contemplation, I decided that the ancient scribe was not wrong. I concluded that he was describing our, human, ultimate potential. Or as Buddha would put it, about our potential once we wake up from our slumber. 
I hope some of my blogs might serve to stir some of us from our slumber. And then, after some considerable thought, some of us will awaken to the realization of the truth, to the unadulterated joy of the Human Potential.
--> Perhaps, as suggested in Winston's Kingdom?
Good luck. 

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