Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Action and Reaction

There are about 7 billion of us on Earth, and pretty much all of us have the same potential. Contrary to popular belief we are not born equal—our birthright is dependant on accumulated Karma—but we all have equal potential to overcome our difficulties, no matter how varied they are. We mustn’t forget that all the Universal Laws (which some people tried to regiment into religions with very dubious results), deal not with the ephemeral, transient, imaginary reality, which most of us mistakenly recognize as real, i.e. the material universe, but with the true reality, wherein thoughts and emotions are the building blocks of what we consider real.
Pretty much all of us are capable of great deeds and great misdeeds. Our scope is near-infinite. There is however one trait which distinguishes us more from each other than any other. And this trait is expressed in our choice of action or reaction. Most animals are capable only of reaction. They react to their environment, to the dictates of their hormones, their genetic predispositions, their instincts.
Sadly, this applies to the vast majority of men and women, to the members of the illustrious Homo sapiens.
To most of us.
If it hadn’t been for the apple, which Eve procured for us in the Garden of Eden, we would continue to react without discrimination to all of the above and then, more often than not, blame others for the results.
Some of us, the few, those who decide to be among the chosen few, are determined to be proactive. To be motivated by action, not reaction but action, motivated by not instinct but by intuition. Instinct is the result of the sum-total of our accumulated knowledge, I call it our subconscious. Intuition motivates us to action not previously experienced. It is risky, often requiring courage; it also often forces us to swim against the popular current, it propels us into uncharted waters of reality. It inspires us to go, “where no man has been before”.
Writers who dream of such challenges often resort to science-fiction. Only there they can spread their wings, cross new horizons, perhaps even avoid ridicule, and at best, not be jailed or condemned for daring to think differently from most others.
I, too, dared to do so. Actually, I do so in all my books. I deal with human potential. With the potential of the few who dare to act, and not just react. But if you need the veil of science-fiction to protect your sanity from venturing too far, then I suggest you try my Gift of Gamman. It is about the few who dared, who risked their lives, to try to help the many. Isn’t this always the case?

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