Sunday, 27 January 2013

Are we Born Equal?

It has become politically correct to say that we are all born equal. This is, of course, a blatant lie. Politicians are in a habit of avoiding the truth like plague. But even for them to suggest that after millions, perhaps billions, of years of evolution any two entities, any two individualizations of the Whole, might have accumulated the same measure of experience, is patently absurd.
Years ago, Thomas Jefferson and later Benjamin Franklin had it right. They stated in the “immortal declaration” that all men (speaking generically, I hope) are created equal.
Not born—created.
And there’s the rub, as William would say.

Sometime in the hoary past, perhaps a countless number of creative cycles in which universes had been born, with or without big bangs, and then disappeared again, perhaps into gigantic black holes which occupied no space at all…
…perhaps, once upon such a time, the Whole decided to individualize Itself into countless, absolutely countless shards of mirror in which to regard Itself. That is when we, you and I, had been created. Not out of nothing, we always existed, only we became temporarily fragmented, each one of us carrying the full imprint of our origin. A little like our bodies carry the imprint of our origin in our DNA.
It is this act of creation, of individualization, that made us all equal, for the simple reason that we had been all created of the same stuff, of the same Consciousness, which is the only indestructible trait we carry with us for all time and beyond.
Of course, if we equate ourselves with our physical shells as the only expression of our individuality, then we are also wrong. We are born with very different physical potential. Even physically we are all endowed with different attributes—this is why there is only one gold medal at the Olympics, and why there are so many different disciplines. But, those shells we use to compete with each other are just… shells. They are the magnificent biological robots which each one of us developed over billions of years. Once an amoeba, a single-celled organism, we grew and advanced to become the human entities we are today. No two are alike—but each an every one of them, of us who occupy those wondrous constructs, are endowed with truly divine potential. With the potential of our Source. Of Infinity.
Aren’t we lucky?
It is a long journey. We have billions of years behind us, we have probably billions in front. Some of what we might do with this time is described in Winston’s Kingdom, of my Winston Trilogy. You might enjoy it. You might like it even more is you start at the beginning—with One Just Man

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