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“Let the dead bury the dead?” Rather harsh words from the Prince of Peace, don’t you think? But, how many of us ask ourselves “why”. Why did Yeshûa refer to “ordinary” men, perhaps women, as the dead? Buddha gave us a hint. Perhaps Yeshûa could have said, “let those who choose to sleep, remain sleeping.” Perhaps he was just making a point.
Nothing would change, of course. The “dead” would remain the dead. Those who were asleep were not ready to wake up. Only they could decide if and when they would become alive.
But… why dead?
Well, it seems to me that in Yeshûa’s eyes alive was only that that was, or is, immortal. If we ask anyone if they deem themselves immortal they’d probably reply, well… ah… you know… what do you mean immortal? Doesn’t everyone die, sooner or later?”
This is the question I intend to answer right here.
If you or I indentify ourselves with our physical or material body, or possessions, than we no only identify ourselves with that which even we know is transient, but which, in essence, is empty space. Which is an illusion.
The problem with immortality is the same as with infinity. It has neither beginning nor end. If we think that we came to being only at the moment of our birth, then, obviously, we disqualify ourselves from being immortal. And Yeshûa considered only the immortal as alive. Only that which is indestructible, which cannot be broken or hurt. Ever.
That which can be injured physically, emotionally, mentally, is not immortal. The first is the most ephemeral, the second lasts longer, and the ideas born in the unconscious and brought to fruition through our mental process have the longest shelf-life. At some level they continue to exist, by our standards, almost forever. But they are not immortal. Only our raised consciousness can aspire to that term.
Not the ephemeral, reactive consciousness born of the magnificent biological robot we call our body, our temporary abode, but that which uses this creation to gather new experiences in the realm of the immortal. And therefore, whatever does not qualify as such, is dismissed, as though it never existed. If anyone is not aware of being immortal, then he or she isn’t. It’s as simple as that. We and we alone create our reality. No one can do it for us.
As always, it is our choice.
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