Sunday, 31 March 2013


The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that the secrets of life, of the Universe, of Immortality, all lie within the context of “the many and the few”. That only the few who can sublimate their ego sufficiently to dismiss their mundane achievements and the resulting possessions, are among those who can see, who can perceive, the truth.
No one could ever accuse any of the leaders of the established religions to be capable of such a strange way of thinking. Only recently the newly elected pope, Francis I, said that we are all protectors of one another. That “I am my brother’s keeper”. That is fine if you define just who is my brother. Since we are using a biblical expression, are those whom Yeshûa call “dead”, are they my brothers, too?  Am I their keeper, also? Pope Francis seems to think so. But if so, to what degree? To what extent?
It seems to me that we are continuously confusing the meaning of our kinship. Perhaps it is not the embodiments, the external expressions, of the souls that we are to take care of, but the inner entity, the essence, the real thing. Perhaps we are brothers “in spirit” only, not in physical, transient, overfed, egotistical, over puffed forms?
I am convinced that Yeshûa never had our bodies in mind. I know he fed them fish and bread on one occasion, but wasn’t this only to sustain the bodies of men/women, so that he could share the truth with them? After all, the rest of the time he didn’t feed the masses, nor did he go into restaurant business, though he continued to feed their souls.
Brothers in spirit?
Peter was feeding the souls. Paul tried to feed the… brotherhood. They both believed in their cause. They were both necessary. Still are. If you want to know how and why, read Peter and Paul. It’d take more than a blog to explain.

The problem is that while some of us are hardly awake, hardly aware of our infinite potential, this potential continues to exist within every single one of us. No matter how badly we manifest it at any given time. Who can tell if someone who will survive a day longer thanks to us feeding them fish and bread, will not have his or her eyes opened by our act of generosity itself?
Who can tell?

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