Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Trinity, Part III

The Subconscious is, perhaps, is the most fascinating facet of reality. In as much as the Unconscious forever retains its potential form (religions call it spirit, which is meaningless until explained), and the Conscious is an ephemeral and very transient condition, the Subconscious is the sum total of all that has been manifested, or brought out from its potential form, since the beginning of time. The Unconscious is omnipresent. Those of us who can sublimate our sense of separation, our ego, are well aware of it.
It would be wise to remember that time only exists within the transient confines of Conscious awareness. While the Subconscious is little more than—to use a modern expression—a memory storage, when we vacate the instrument of the Unconscious (i.e. vacate our physical bodies), the Subconscious with its indescribable storage of all that we manifested/experienced/created over billions of years, becomes our conscious awareness. We can enjoy our Subconscious repeatedly, timelessly, eternally. In this incorporeal form we, and all that we have already accomplished, are indestructible, even as we are in our dreams. If we learn lucid dreaming, we can experience the heaven we are building for ourselves, today. In this state, however, we cannot bring out any more Potential into our reality—the reason being that there are no consequences to our actions/behaviour within the Subconscious.

Many will call this condition heaven.
It is a static form of existence, although within this state we are free to roam the universes at will, enjoying all that we have brought out from its Potential. We lack nothing, because we are not aware that we lack anything. Nevertheless, after a little while, a thousand years or so, we begin to feel an itch, which we cannot really define. Over another period, we begin to wonder if there could be something else that we have not as yet experienced.
This is the moment of Eureka!
We begin to search for a means of bring out something that we feel still exists in our Unconscious. Also, some of us might not enjoy the reality we’ve created. After all, we alone are the creators of our Subconscious. For some of us it may feel more like hell…
Ye are gods?
We search our memory banks—and then we have it.
We are born, again, to experience the mode of becoming as conscious beings. In this form our memory banks are very limited, which enables us to search for the not as yet experienced. We delve into our Unconscious.
There are many hardships, as our intention is to bring out into the open that which was never as yet manifested. It’s a risky proposition, but some of us think it’s worth it.
What do you think?
Perhaps, one day, in the fullness of time, some of us will create a heaven we no longer desire to leave. But even then there will be Bhodavistas amongst us, who will take pity on the rest of us. We shall see.

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