Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Sperm and the Egg

I like eggs for breakfast, but they must be bigger than the dot at the end of this sentence. As for sperm, well, they’re just too small to bother. And yet, the scientist tell me that all that I am comes from this, ah… from this “.” From this dot. Really?
Eventually it took me three books, the Alexander Trilogy to tackle the consequences resulting from these concepts. To make them real—acceptable to our mindsets conditioned to accept the evidence of our senses as real—as mundane reality. I begun with imagination, advanced to intellectual concepts, and finished with the spiritual ‘angle’.
We have two choices.
We can assume that human sperm, which needs to be magnified 400x to be visible, and the egg, that is the size of the dot at the end of this sentence, contains all the information necessary to produce, interconnect and harmonize (some say as many as) 100 trillion cells and equip it with a further ten times as many, say 1000  trillion micro-organisms in the intestines to make my body function properly.
Please note: it is proposed that a single sperm and the penetrated egg contains ALL the necessary information to produce and execute an organism such as you or I.
That’s right. All contained in the ovum the size of this (.) dot.
That’s the scientific approach.
The second approach is that exactly the same thing happens but the function of  ‘growing’ a human body is guided and controlled by a mind, or a disembodied consciousness, which is not limited to the microscopic size or biological restrictions. It is a mind that is building a vehicle for itself, through which it will be able to develop new ideas, rather as I am using this computer to do so.
A wonderful computer.
A most wonderful brain.

The concept of omnipresent intelligence would help. As mentioned above, I used the idea in my book Alexander, part two of the Alexander Trilogy. Let me know what you think. 

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