Friday, 22 March 2013

The Trinity, Part I

Throughout history people have been obsessed with the concept of Trinity. There always seemed to have been searching for a cause and effect, which would justify and explain the reality they perceived with their senses. For the next three blogs I’ll try to explain my version of this search. You may or may not agree, but it may help you to find your own vision of reality.
I must also stress that it is not my intention, nor desire, to compete with any religion. The learned doctors and theologians, invariably externalize their ‘divinity’, their ultimate potential, into realms which can be neither witnessed nor proven. As such, they have no practical meaning for me. My proposal is practical, useful, and can be practiced and witnessed by every man, woman and child. And, I repeat, it is not competing with your religious convictions.

The single reality consists of three forms, three distinct facets of the same concept, which is the concept of awareness. My premise is that if you are not aware of anyone thing, then, as far as you are concerned, it does not exist. You must experience that which you perceive for it to be real. You must have experience of it to make it your own. And you can most certainly experience my Trinity. Over the ages, people devised different names for the Triumvirate, perhaps for the lack of modern terminology. Be it as it may, here’s my proposal.
The single Reality, manifests as the Unconscious, the Conscious, and the Subconscious. We are all familiar with those terms, and here I wish to discuss them in detail.

The Unconscious is the essence, the eternal potential, outside concepts of time or space. As logical entities, we accept that nothing can happen out of nothing. There must be a cause for it to result in an effect. For that to happen we must assume that everything already exists; only we are, as yet, unable to perceive it. This impalpable existence of all that is, was or could be, is the Unconscious, within which everything already exists in its Potential Form.
This potential includes things, utilitarian objects, all the way to planetary systems, galaxies and multiple universes—objects of transient existence—as well as all biological and zoological forms.
The immaterial potential manifests in ideas, thoughts, and emotions resulting in compositions, poems, literary forms and other works of art that are not admired as things but as that which they represent or symbolize.

Next blog will discuss how these potential forms are brought out into the reality we call our world. Transient existence though it may be, it is the necessary component of the One Reality in which we have our being.

What others regard as Trinity is discussed in my essay #51, Beyond Religion III. Again, what do you think?

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