Monday, 11 March 2013


Eternity is a very, very long time. At the same time, it is shorter than an instant. If you eliminate time and space from the equation of reality, only NOW remains. Like that that must have been before the Big Bang.
Like God?
No past—no future. Neither a beginning—nor end. Time only comes in handy to stop everything happening at once. Also, to help us understand eternity. In my book Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe, I discuss various aspects of time. You might find it interesting. It might also confuse you, but that’s not my fault. In that book I am little more than a reporter. My contribution is nominal.
What is the true meaning of eternity?
For those who practice various religions it means that god neither was, nor will be, but IS. Even as in I AM THAT I AM. The eternal present. All else is but an illusion.
What time enables us to do is to bring out the knowledge that already exists within our unconscious into the open. To bring is out into our awareness. It is an ongoing process. And, since our unconscious is beyond the properties of physical reality, it falls into the category of infinite. It is integral with eternity. You can call it divine, if you like, although I doubt that would make it any clearer.

I like to call the process of awakening to our inherent potential—becoming. As discussed in my novel, NOW—Being & Becoming it is an eternal endeavour. It really does go on forever. Why not? After all, we are all indivisible expressions of the Eternal Now. That’s what ‘individual’ means—indivisible, and we are all individuals, aren’t we?
I cannot even attempt to explain the concepts involved, let alone the consequences resulting from the Eternal Now in a short blog, but my novel will serve to share with you some ideas. You might or might not agree. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. Only remember, thoughts are things—bundles of creative energy. They are what our universe is made of. Your thoughts may well become the reality you’ll be stuck with for a long, long time. Good luck.

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