Saturday, 16 March 2013

Back Home

After spending some weeks down south, bathing in Florida sunshine, after a 26 hour drive through drizzle and sleet, Canada welcomed me with a handful of snow.  
Home sweet home.
Only on my return, it came to me, why I like the States so much. The great thing I found was that in sheer numbers there are more nice and intelligent people in the USA than here, back home. Of course, there are 10 times as many Americans as there are Canadians.
We all know the expression: “One in a million.”
Ergo, if the ‘few’ are, say, 1 in a 1,000,000, than automatically the USA has 30 times as many bright people as we have. About 300 hundred of them. Doesn’t seem like much until you realize that we, Canadian, hardly qualify to claim 30.
What exacerbates the problem even more is that, more often than not, a Canadian who is really smart all too soon packs his bags and runs down south, seeking greener pastures (less snow?). Some say that in Hollywood you have to be Black, Jewish, Gay or Canadian to be a success. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been to Hollywood.

Not fair.
If we had the USA climate, they would run up to us. Just wait till the poles reverse. Again. Or when even greater surprises happen, such as described in Enigma of the Second Coming. Read for yourself.
But the important thing is that even the ‘many’, again down south, seem to be nice and helpful. Total strangers greeted me with a smile on my morning jogs on public sidewalks. In spite of the reputation that some of the ‘many’ are doing their very best to create, not a single one of the people I met appeared to be carrying a gun, a assault weapon, or any other instrument of mass destruction. In fact I’d bet my bottom dollar, Canadian or American—they are at par now, that not one of them would hurt a fly, let alone a jogging elderly Canadian.
Perhaps the fact that the vast majority of people I passed were well over 60, or even 70, may have had something to do with it. I don’t care. I strongly advise the prospective travelers not to listen to the News, not to believe the statistics. The people I met, even in passing, were all nice and friendly, and I’d recommend the West Coast of Florida to any and all Canadians. Perhaps all 300 live down there?
Only please, don’t say hi, or hey. Not even a British ‘hello’. Say Good Morning. That’s what they say there. Even in the afternoon…

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