Thursday, 7 March 2013

Decision Makers

The fact that out of the many only a few have emerged to claim their divine heritage, does not make those few ‘good’. In fact, being counted among the few has absolutely no influence on their moral or ethical standing. What it does do is to endow them, those few, with the latent power, which we all harbour within our unconscious. All that the few had accomplished was to bring out the power latent powers within them into the open. They brought out a fragment of infinity into their conscious mind, into the tip of the iceberg. Those “chosen few” became aware of who they are—of the incredible potential lying in the deeps of the sea. Within the endless ocean of thoughts.
When Jacob changed his name to Israel, he was inspired to be fruitful and multiply. Not to pollute the earth with human sperm until billions of us will make this reality inhospitable to human life. He was told to multiply his thoughts in pursuit of his infinite potential. To bring those thoughts, those ideas, into the open. Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism, to learn more. You’ll learn also what the name Israel means.

And now those few have to make a choice. To be gods or devils. Mother Theresas or Hitlers. Both paths are now available to them. Both are theirs to claim. Until we become aware of our heritage, we do not really exercise the gift of free will. We are in a reactive mode. Like all animals.
Henceforth, however, it is our choice.
This is the true meaning of free will. It only comes into being when we became aware of who we are.

And this is where our true journey starts. In my collection of essays Beyond Religion III, I describe the ensuing becoming in the essay #52, I try to describe the condition which a liberated mind has to face. It is a long study. The journey on which we set out ends in infinity.
So, you see, gods have completely different problems to face.

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