Tuesday, 2 April 2013

More about Eve

Fundamentalists have and continue to do great harm to humanity. In their stubborn ignorance they advocate their facile interpretations of the words of wisdom hidden in various scriptures, only to confuse and bamboozle the masses, the “many that are called”, who rely on them for guidance. Only “the few” will see through their shenanigans.

The human body is an incredible construct. We reside, temporarily, in a superb biological robot that is so advanced that it is capable of generating its own marginal awareness. This rudimentary consciousness is the bi-product of the animal soul, which enables us to survive in, and experience,  physical environment.
This miniscule consciousness, however, must not be confused with the real consciousness, which was instrumental in evolving the complexity of our bodies and uses them for its own ends. This higher consciousness, if you will, is what separates the “many that are called” from the “few who are chosen” (by this higher consciousness) to rise above their physical limitations.
Eve, who is the biblical symbol for the subconscious, refers only to the “animal soul”, which nevertheless has an enormous storage of information carried, essentially, in its genetic code. Both, men and women are equipped with it, in equal measure. Yet, as the potential of using that knowledge is vastly greater than we are aware of, nature divided the male and female characteristics to complement each other, and to act as one when possible or necessary. Hence the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, which give men and women uses of both sides, but a predisposition of one or the other.
Nevertheless, while the predispositions differ, the total potential is equal. While such distinction predisposes men to conquer new grounds, it is the women who have the natural ability to consolidate that knowledge, to make sure that both, men and women can use it in equal measure. Had it not been for this feminine predisposition, men’s multiple conquests would have been lost to humanity. Both facets are equally as important for evolution, and we must always remember that both men and women are equipped to perform both tasks, they differ only in natural predispositions, not in the actual potential.

When ready, some of us manage to become aware of a higher entity that inspires us to do greater things. My patron saint, Stanislaw Kostka, is said to have said: “ad majora natus sum”. “For greater things am I born”. This is not a statement of pride or superiority but of awareness of a higher calling. All too often we must sublimate our “animal soul”, our ego or natural predispositions, to “rise to the occasion”, in order to perform acts which are impossible for the ‘many’. There is ample evidence that only few are adept at using both predispositions equally. Let us never forget that the word holy comes from “whole”, or complete.

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