Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Structure of Reality

We are individual units of consciousness. As such, we are inseparable from the Whole. That’s what individual means. However, we are only indivisible in a single perception of consciousness. The further we stray from this perception, the more separate we become.
Reality can be perceived as idea, as mental patterns, as emotional or imaginary constructs and, finally, as physical forms, such as most of us insist we are. Thus we, humans, perceives reality in terms of ideas, thoughts, emotions and senses.
The inspired scribes of various scriptures have struggled to convey these concepts to people of their day; alas, they lacked modern terminology to do so. Hence various religions made further attempts to interpret the findings of the few.
In fact, the fourfold nature of man (so frequently used in the Bible to illustrate reality) was never intended to be advanced as a religious idea. Such concepts were, and are, as close to science as any science could be. We must never forget that reality is only as real as the observer who experiences it. It is a construct of the said four facets of man. Whatever anyone considers himself or herself to be—that they are. No less, and no more. “I am the truth,” said Yeshûa, and the same holds for every one of us. We are the images of our perceptions. Yet, again, there are many that are called, and so few that are chosen. Although we all have the potential of becoming aware of the fourfold nature with which we are endowed, most prefer to rely on their senses. This includes the vast majority of men and women.
Considerably fewer people, many artists among them, use their imagination to construct the image of their reality. Then we come to the “thinkers” better known as philosophers or the lovers of wisdom. They often use their subconscious to discover their inner potential.
Finally come people for whom ideas are the only aspects of reality that are worthwhile. They often do not fully understand the consequences of the ideas that come to them, but they continue to strive. Their heads remain in the clouds, where reality is endless, superb, beautiful, eternal. They are the few, the very few, who bear witness to the Original Idea. When all is said and done, we are but ideas—individualizations of the Whole.

On the other hand, only those who practice all four facets of man can claim to have experienced the total reality. Only they can partake in the creative act of translating the original, perfect idea, all the way to physical manifestation. We are here not just to bathe in a blurred image of divinity but to unite with all aspects of revelation.

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