Monday, 29 April 2013

Why is Life Valuable?

Since I keep insisting that we are all immortal, who cares if we live or die? Why don’t we just kill each other off, and restore this world to its previous glory? You know, like it was before Adam and Eve set it on the slow trek to eventual perdition? Many ‘great’ leaders tried to do so, albeit unsuccessfully. We multiply faster than they can kill us. Well, is there anyone willing to try?
I will. I am willing to try.
Unless we fulfill the reason for being here—our particular, individual reason—we shall continue to give an ongoing impersonation of Sisyphus. The Greeks knew that before Christianity or Buddhism were born. Sisyphus had been told to push a boulder uphill, and each time he was about to succeed, the boulder rolled backwards and he had to start again.
He was unlucky. He kept making the same mistake.
We are better of. In each life, and often in a single incarnation, we face problems we have decided to solve. But, contrary to Sisyphus, each time we fail, the problem gets a little harder. The boulder gets bigger. This inspires us to try harder.
Problems are not punishments—they are blessings, gifts from the benevolent Universe.

There is one other magnificent aspect to our life. Every painful experience on earth is transitory. I doesn’t last. On the other hand, when we fulfill our purpose, the victory becomes built into our unconscious forever. We never, never have to repeat it. Oh, there will be other boulders, but not the particular one that gave us such trouble.
There is no end of gifts. No matter how high we climb, how great challenges we overcome, there will be new once. Forever.
Because we are immortal. Ye are gods, remember?

Some time ago, I’ve written a trilogy, named the Winston Trilogy, which illustrated the gradual progress of a man, through many trials and tribulations, which he considered inexplicable punishments, for, he knew not what. It was only, in book three of the trilogy, in Winston’s Kingdom, he’d learned the truth. He was stunned, as you will be if you read my books. But… you’d wise to start at the beginning, with One Just Man.
I deal with human potential. With infinity. 

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