Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Necessity of Freedom

There is one very specific reason why the United States of America stresses the importance of freedom. To those few who are more advanced in the study of metaphysics, of the true reality, there is only one reason for that. Individual freedom is sine qua non for the discovery of one’s true nature.
It has little to do with the material standing of any particular citizen. Au contraire, as our French friends would say, who were almost the first to cry liberté, égalité, fraternité, with the accent of La liberté, What is often overlooked though, perhaps, even more important, is the statement in the “American Declaration of Independence” which demands freedom to “pursue happiness”.
Fewer still amongst us seem to realize that one cannot achieve this noble aim, of being truly happy, unless one discovers the noble purpose in one’s life.
Hence, liberty.
On a truly free person can realize, and then achieve, the uniqueness of one’s purpose. For no other reason does he or she need freedom. And only on achieving the realization of the reason for one’s life, can one achieve true happiness.
The founders of the “American Way” had been inspired to define the parameters necessary to achieve this purpose. The tragedy is that, more often than not, those “in charge”, be they civilian or sacerdotal, are not aware of the conditions indispensible for the achievement of one’s life’s purpose. They try to control people’s minds and even hearts. Liberty is a means, it is the expression of freewill, which can either be realized or forsaken in the pursuit of money, fame, and power, rather than happiness. And happiness can only be achieved, if we discover our raison d’être; if we discover the reason for having been born, for living, and ultimately for terminating our presence here.

Our purpose is to make this reality a better place. To enhance it with our presence here. To achieve happiness not just for ourselves, but also for others.

There are many ways to achieve this purpose. One is illustrated in my novel Marvin Clark—In Search of Freedom. At present, it is a free download on Amazon and Smashwords. Enjoy. Your journey may be different, but your purpose is the same: to achieve freedom, your self-realization. And then to share it with others.
Good luck. 

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