Saturday, 6 April 2013

Again on Reincarnation

While we can only perform our daily tasks in full consciousness, we draw on previous experience to perform those tasks in a continually improving manner. To do so we must, at some level, compare them to stored memories. We cannot to so at a conscious level. There are trillions of electrochemical reactions in our brain, probably per second, to perform this function. Yet, this is only the beginning.
Some of us, the chosen few, can by entering a deep trance reach back to experiences of centuries ago, perhaps thousands of years, to advance our progress. As our potential is infinite, there is no end to this journey. We can be compared to indestructible computers with memories reaching back to the beginning of time.
Over countless millennia, we have assumed various forms, taken on various means, to advance on our journey. From a single-celled amoeba we have grown to inhabit a human body possessed of tens of trillions of cells, working in perfect unison with each other. No conscious brain could do this. Yet, by some means, misunderstood by many, we do so without being aware of the wonder that we are. Without being aware of the incredible construct that we inhabit.
J.B.S. Haldane, a British geneticist once said that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. He was also an evolutionary biologist. I strongly suspect he referred to our body as his Universe.
We are tiny universes, or integral, inseparable individualized units reflecting this totality of Universes. The Universe of universes. Worlds without end…

Hence, reincarnations. No man, no woman, could hope to reach the understanding, to experience such enormity, in the span of a single biological life. We change bodies, adding to the storehouse of our memories the wonders that still lie before us to discover. Let us never forget, that we are all just passers-bye. In a way—we are nomads. There is no end to our journey. There is only the endlessly receding horizon waiting for us to be discovered.

In the Winston Trilogy I tried to explore the subject of our advancement. I know that I merely scratched the surface. In Winston’s Kingdom I show no more than our next step. The staircase goes on forever. 


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