Thursday, 25 April 2013

Of Gods and Men

It all started in Egypt or perhaps elsewhere, before the oldest annals of history had been written, now lost in the shadows of antiquity. Then came Greece, then Rome, with China slipping somewhere in between. We have been always surrounded by gods. And when Yeshûa assured everyone that he could do nothing of himself, that he’s not good (“Why call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God”), they ignored his words. Those and many others. Instead, they made a god out of him. It seems that we, men, just cannot live without gods.
Then came great leaders we had been determined to adore. To worship? How else could anyone justify such crowds following an array of kings, Khans, Napoleons and other military leaders, Stalin, Hitler or Mao… unless people had been determined, at the time, to treat them as gods? No wonder those great leaders had been determined to stamp out religion. Gods don’t take kindly to competition.
Thou shalt have no other gods before me…?

There is only one choice remaining. We can either follow the established route of externalizing our gods, of putting them on pedestals, building for them altars or palaces, building them monuments, stick shining pieces of metal on their chests, or we can turn our back on them and look within.
Who knows what we might discover there? Few amongst us ever looked. Fewer still searched. Or listened? And those who have, those who discovered what lay within have been ignored like their predecessors.
…when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you…
Not go to splendid edifices called temples or churches and display our religiosity for all to see. Go away by yourself and shut the door.
But what will my neighbours say?
Our neighbours will either do the same, or they are some of the many that are called, but not among the few who are willing to listen to good advice from the man whom many call god. Not himself, but the many. The sheep that need someone to follow. Who need a god to worship, outside, with monuments and gold and glitter, and scarlet robes, and tiaras, and medals, and titles…
“Go into your room, by yourself, and shut the door behind you.” “Why do you not understand my speech?”
Will anyone ever listen? Understand?

There had been two men going through the same struggle some two thousand years ago. Many others are still struggling. The two men were called Peter and Paul. It was a long and painful struggle. Finally, they found their way. Now it’s our turn. 

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