Friday, 19 April 2013

It’s all Einstein’s Fault

Believe me, I am not a physicist. After reading this, every physicist will confirm this. Nor do I know too much about physics, molecular and otherwise. I read a dozen books and, well, they managed to confuse me.
About a year ago, I read that we are mostly empty space. A Ph.D in physics said so. Nevertheless, with some 50 to 100 trillion cells, each one made up of atoms, the energy trapped within all those atoms must be enormous. Gargantuan. Flabbergasting. In fact, it makes me nervous. I once reported that we hosts to bit over seven billion billion billion of them. That’s a figure 7 followed by 27 zeros.


Do you get my point?
And now think of a single gram. I read this on the Internet.

Energy in ergs = 1 gram x (30,000,000,000.0 cm/sec) x (30,000,000,000.0 cm/sec).
This equals 900,000,000,000,000,000,000.0 ergs of energy.…which is equal to the energy emitted by a 100 watt bulb (producing 100 x 10 million ergs/sec) for:
900,000,000,000,000,000,000.0/(100 x 10,000,000) = 900,000,000,000.0 seconds.

I make that equal to about 250,000,000 hours. Do your own math. Remember, that’s one a blob of mass equivalent to one gram. I weigh 90 kilograms. That’s 90,000 blobs. That’s (250,000,000 x 90,000) hours. I could keep the world illuminated till dooms day and then some.
Think about it: E=MC2. We all know that. But now invert the equation.  Mass x 186 miles per second x 186 miles per second = mass. Anyway you twist it, to get a single gram of mass takes an incredible amount of energy. Conversely, if you or I were not 99.99999999etc% empty space, only a real solid, like a black hole, should we explode, the galaxy in which we have our becoming would cease to exist.
You or I would be the origin of a big bang.
And how do you like that?

Look it up on the Internet.
The reason we must be “empty space” is that should our bodies me made up of atoms that are ‘solid’, and should their electric charge (positive protons and negative electrons) be pressed  closer together, and should we continue to generate some trillion electrochemical  reactions per second within our bodies, the  heat we’d generate would be just absurd. We would burn up ourselves and all that surrounds us. Pressure creates heat, and heat tends to expel energy. We would be walking galactic bombs destroying everything in our path.
Luckily, we are empty space.
Yes, that includes our heads. All this could be over your head. It certainly is over mine. Perhaps that is why I keep mine as empty as possible, like atoms, to have room for understanding. At the moment it is as the man has said. The universe is not only queerer that I can imagine, but it is queerer than I can imagine.

Little of it makes any sense. That is why I wrote DESLUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. I kept it simple, for people such as I am. So if you are not much, much smarter than I am, you might enjoy it too. Try it. 

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