Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cats & Dogs

There is an old tradition in the East—where all the great philosophies come from—that there is not only reincarnation threatening retribution but also transmigration. The concept of reincarnation is relatively simple. An Individualized Consciousness returns to phenomenal reality to continue working on the mental and emotional energies it developed in previous incarnations.
Transmigration, on the other hand, implies that the efforts on one’s previous life were so dismal, that one has to go back to square one, or square 84,000, or whatever level one achieved before screwing things up beyond repair. The Individualized Consciousness decides that it might be better off to relearn the first principles of phenomenal reality at mental and emotional level in a body of an animal, which being the product of Universal Laws is closer to Nature.
In all cases it is YOU, the Individual Consciousness that makes such a decision. It is neither punishment nor reward, just expediency. There is no punishment or reward built into Universal Laws. There are only consequences. Just as in Isaac Newton’s Laws.

While most advanced theological thinkers deny the concept of transmigration, I strongly suspect they are influenced by their ego. For some reason we think ourselves superior to other life forms. Yet Love bestowed by females, and often males, throughout animal kingdom strongly denies this hypothesis. I’d as strongly suggest that while Love may be more powerfully anchored in chromosomal make up of animal parents, making them less disposed to acting against their intrinsic nature, nevertheless, it is very powerfully displayed in their behaviour.

We, humans, seem to be virtually the only species that can act against our best interests. It is the first step towards the participation with Universal Laws at conscious level.
And there’s the rub.
While other animal are still subject to inherent control, we can chose to be as stupid, as obnoxious, as homicidal, as disgustingly selfish as we want. What most of us forget is the Law of Karma. It is no more and no less exacting as any other Universal Law. And if we show unprecedented ignorance of Its postulates, then please, don’t be surprised if the next time you visit the phenomenal reality you bark like a dog, or meow like a cat, or crawl like a snake which, judging by your behaviour in your previous life as human, you most resembled. Remember that your next form, shape, the number of neurons in your brain and the ensuing level of intelligence will be most suited your most rapid advancement. Being a dog or a cat may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Snakes are probably reserved only for politicians. Some snakes are very beautiful and they don’t even bite. Or, as Bing Crosby asked, “…would you rather be a fish?” But, he adds, “You could be better than you are… you could be swinging on a star.”

Cats & Dogs
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