Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Amorphous Energy

Einstein made is easy for us. There is no matter, he’d said, all is energy. It differs only in rates of vibration. When the rate slows down sufficiently, we perceive it as matter. Also, he said, nothing can be created nor destroyed in the Universe
That’s all Folks!

As nothing can be created, it must be already there. Whereas nothing can be destroyed, it makes it immortal. Hence, the Creative Potential must be inherent in the Source. It expresses Itself through initiating and then influencing rates of vibration to manifest as different forms of energy.
Thus everything already exists as Potential Amorphous Energy. It is shapeless, formless, indeterminate, unclassifiable. Even as Spinoza refused to define God, so we cannot define Amorphous Energy. What we do know is that ALL attributes exist within It in Potential Form.
We must thus unavoidably conclude that the Amorphous Energy (some people call it God), from which the Universe and therefore we originate, is our Source.
The ONLY Source!

I find it strange that for some reason people are perfectly willing to accept seasons, periods of sleep and renewal, (winter and spring) but only as regards to Nature that surrounds us. We, it seems, are on a one-way trip, from the crib to the coffin.
Not so.
For those who identify themselves with their bodies, the only difference is that for them the cycles of renewal are much longer. For vast majority who have children, most of their attributes are passed on through chromosomes to their progeny. If not, then there are other streams of energy that extend aspects of our lives way beyond our transient physical existence.
For that we must return to Einstein.
The only way we can affirm his theory is to accept that emotions and thoughts are also forms of energy, whose rates of vibrations are much faster than those we perceive as matter. The faster the vibrations, the longer the shelf-life. Hence, emotions continue well beyond our biological life, and ideas expressed in thoughts span much longer still. To illustrate, we continue to love those who already ‘died’ (withdrew from their physical enclosures). As for ideas of great composers, or mystics such as Lao Tsu, Gautama Buddha, or Yeshûa, they seem almost eternal.

Finally, and again according to Einstein, nothing can be created in the Universe. Hence Consciousness must have been an a priori attribute inherent in the Source (as were all other rates of energy—in their Potential Form).
All we need do is to identify ourselves with the Source Energy before it slowed down to vibrations of thoughts, emotions and finally matter, and our immortality is assured.
Our Individualized Consciousness is indivisible from the Universal Consciousness. We can spend lifetimes trying to define the attributes of the Infinite Potential within the Source. Perhaps exploring this infinity is part of the master plan for the Individualization of Consciousness. We all have our unique purpose to pursue.

        Voilà! The mystery of Life unfolded in 500 words.
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