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There is a great misconception about our immortality. Religions mention immortal souls without defining what soul is.  
Let us get one thing straight. There is NO TIME in hell, or heaven, or any other destinations made up by the sacerdotal fraternity. The “spirit” or “Individualized Consciousness” has Its being ONLY in the PRESENT.
What happens is that the means through which the Individualized Consciousness finds Its expression in temporal reality, i.e. in that which we call ‘life’, are repeated virtually ad infinitum. Time after time I AM reincarnates Itself to sate Its creative nature through the mental and emotional ‘bodies’ it creates. It is these bodies that are very, very hard to ‘repair’. Hence the illusion of eternity.

As individualized units of Consciousness are inseparable from the Single Universal Consciousness, (the Amorphous Energy people like to call God), it is a little hard to imagine that God would send inseparable parts of Itself to eternal Gehenna, or Hell by any other name. This would be unadulterated masochism.
For all who enjoy the subject of hell, I recommend my Essay #20 in BEYOND RELIGION III, “Eternal Damnation.” You might enjoy it.

When the Individualized Consciousness (I AM) decides to enter another creative cycle, It picks up the mental and emotional bodies previously created. It endeavours to improve those creative means to convert the perfect idea into a manifestation, into a transient phenomenal reality. What matters, therefore, is not the end product as such, but the PROCESS itself.
We call this process LIFE.

There is ample evidence that nature, both flora and fauna, are eternally renewing itself, hopefully advancing towards perfection. We, humans, also procreate, and when we pollute our planet beyond repair, the planet is also re-circulated, even as are cells in our physical bodies.
Thus, there is no need to worry. If we don’t mind having 75 trillion cells in our bodies replaced every few years, then we should expect our planet to be renewed every now and then. After all, it’s for our own good. However, as with everything else in this illusory reality, there are the Many and the Few. When our planet undergoes renewal, most of us will take time off. We call it ‘dying’. Hopefully creative force latent in nature will evolve new biological (or other) robots to house our Consciousness. The Few that survive will serve the new species to find their way around the new Eden, until phenomenal reality takes over again, and sends us, again, along the downward spiral. And again. And again…
Again we shall begin in Eden, and end up in a world where a homicidal maniac might press a red button to initiate atomic holocaust. Or nature herself will take steps to end the dismal cycle of Devolution. There are ways…

Below an example just how renewal might happen. Take a deep breath and remember—the real you is immortal. And also remember that the real you is NOT your ego. Perhaps you should start at the beginning? 

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