Saturday, 1 August 2015

Chrysalis of Godhood

 The advocates of natural selection of physical or biological evolution suffer from one fundamental error. While studying the past, they are clearly unaware of the Present. Yet, as is obvious upon reflection, only the Present creates the past. Hence by studying the Present, its consequences are automatically revealed. It is well expressed by Kate Jones, who kindly proofread my novel ELOHIM.

“Man's search for fulfillment and completeness has never had a better articulator and advocate than Stan I. S. Law in 'Elohim'. We witness the chrysalis of godhood growing to dimensions not yet dreamed of. Fascinating characters drawn with an artist's eye of discernment will leave an indelible echo of recognition, and unquenchable hope, in the mind of the perceptive reader.”

(Thank you, Kate)

If we direct our attention at or on the Present, we inevitably become aware of the elusiveness of the phenomenal Universe. The moment we observe any aspect of it, it changes. It is there no more. It is like a piece of music that caresses our ears, and almost immediately merges with the vibrations of the Universe to find immortality only in our memories.
Had we but the courage to realize it, this is true of all other aspects of the phenomenal reality. All things physical, detectible to our senses, are transient, ephemeral, illusory, unreal. Eventually only memories remain, stored in our Subconscious, of which the First Heaven is built.
And yet…
And yet it is only by advancing an idea through mental and emotional rates of vibrations that we can judge if the product of our creativity is worth preserving to enjoy throughout our immortality. And this is what the heroes of my book, Elohim, the men and women who discovered the creative godhood within their awareness, are concern with. The others, the Minions come for a ride, awaiting their turn. But the Masters must live up to their calling.
And let us never forget that there is only one way to be a Master, and that is to act like one.

I hope that reading the Winston Trilogy will inspire you to discover your own potential. Your own Chrysalis of Godhood is waiting, dormant, within you. Within every single one of us. The Creative Potential will not be denied. It is immortal, omnipresent and omnipotent. We are Its instruments. All we need do is to realize it and then cooperate with It as best we can.
This is what real evolution is all about. Not how to improve our technology but how to improve ourselves. How to polish and temper our mental and emotional abilities; to attune ourselves with the Music of the Spheres. When we reach perfect synchronization, perfect harmony with the Universe, we become Sons and Daughters of Gods. We become Elohim, Masters of the Universe.
Welcome to Paradise. 

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