Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Nature of Reality

No! Not human species. Any species. We all began as an idea. Next: mind evolved. Then imagination joined forces. And, lo and behold, here we are.
You and I, and…  all the species. The amorphous  energy slowing down. 
Recently I converted 152 essays I’d written some years ago into paperback editions. To my surprise I noticed that a number of subjects, so-called ‘mysteries’ I’d ‘unveiled’ there, I am once more dissecting in some of my blogs. This in itself does no harm as my essays delve deeper into the subjects, and there is little chance that the same reader would venture upon both, my Essays and my Blogs. If so, however, they might learn a gentle improvement in my own understanding of the same Truth, let alone an improved ability to be concise.
But this is not the matter that surprised me.
What literally amazed me was that I continually stumble across the same Truth that is imbedded deep within my psyche. I strongly suspect that people who indulge in daily contemplation share the same experience. To abide in the Present, Truth must be continuously rediscovered.
Truth is One, but It can be examined from infinite number of points of view. It is buried deep within us all, waiting to be discovered. Hence my thesis that everything already exists in potential form, and that our eternal task is to bring it out “into the open”, to make it pragmatic, or perhaps to share it with others. Each one of us has something unique to contribute to this journey of discovery. I can but hope that you’ll walk with me part of the way.

As you read my Essays you might sense moments of eureka, moments of discovery, when if fact they were simply moments of recognition that the concepts you read have always been yours, have always hovered on the very edge of your perception, waiting for a propitious moment, or the right push, to come to the forefront of your awareness.
This only means that Truth has always been yours. That it was always within you, but which devolution we all experience since we’ve left Eden and became exposed to exigencies of everyday life, has pushed into deeper recesses of our awareness. There It lingers, silently, waiting for the opportune moment to come to the fore.
I can also but hope that my Essays will reawaken your memories, and that uniqueness of your consciousness will enrich the genetic archetypes in the racial memory.
I’d love to hear from you, to have you share your own memories in the form of (brief) comments, or reviews on the Amazon, or wherever you found my Essays.
I must remind you that I am not a keeper of racial memory, but—we are. You and I, and as of few years ago, some seven billion of us, all waiting and trying to remember where we came from, and to some extent some of us, were we are going.
Until then, happy journey. 

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