Friday, 21 August 2015

The Invisible Man

In broadest sense we can define Love as that which draws us together, and hatred as that which sets us apart. Like centripetal and centrifugal forces. It seems logical to assume that all energies, including Love, change rates of vibration to manifest in different realities.
Since in pre Big Bang state we were, and in a certain respects always remain, an Amorphous One—any departure from this condition is a diminution of Love. Hence, our first awareness of Love occurs at the unconscious or intuitive level. Gradually, often surprisingly, we become aware of sharing ideas, which manifest as thoughts. These evolve from subliminal, seemingly irrational, attraction, until emotions become involved. Sex, is merely the consummation of what is already there.
The most surprising phenomenon of the energy of Love is that we can no longer differentiate between ourselves, and the object of our irresistible attraction. Hence, instead of becoming enslaved, which physical desire produces, we achieve almost euphoric sense of freedom.

I strongly suspect that the abundance of book covers that display various naked female or male bodies inspired me to write a love story. Not a story wherein love is defined by sex, sadomasochistic explorations, interwoven with frequent scattered corpses. Not a murder story with subservient women begging to be treated as dolls, sex-slaves, or insipid men with equal desire to be toy-boys.
I wanted to write a story where Love is defined by the desire to feel intuitive oneness with another person. We tend to place the object of our affection on a pedestal, perhaps expecting more than the person can deliver. There may be struggles, arguments, but there is a line one cannot cross. Neither must push the other to the point where he or she becomes disheartened. A line beyond which he or she no longer gives a damn. Only then we learn that not hatred but indifference is the opposite of love. It is equivalent to universal entropy.
To Absolute Zero.
In my story there would be a union of emotions, seeking a meeting of minds. There will be moments when the spirit that inhabits each of them becomes irresistibly drawn into a sublime union.
That, would be my love story.

We are all unique individualizations of the Whole. Each of us has sublimely unique purpose to fulfill. There are always reasons why from within an ocean of seven billion people, just these two had met to complement each other. Perhaps intended to experience, if only for an instant of eternity, the euphoria of two becoming One again.
That, and that alone leads to the antechamber of heaven, or at the very least offers a whiff of paradise that only they, together, can experience. There and only there one can lose one’s identity, become invisible, lost in the ocean of Love. Perhaps that is what unconditional Love offers.

It worked for Marvin Clark.
Perhaps it can work for you, too. It is quite easy. It simply means becoming invisible.
It’s just a Love Story.

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