Thursday, 13 August 2015


I am not competent to discus Quantum Theory. My one consolation is that, apart from Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” TV, nor is anyone else. According to Richard Feynman, if anyone claims to understand Quantum Theory, he or she is lying. He should now. He got the Nobel Prize for attempting to understand it. For knowing more about it than we do. Which, he would be the first to admit, is still not saying much.
Lately it seems that more scientists are attacking theologians then the other way around. Frankly, I wouldn’t care who’d win, as both sides of the equation appear to be sinking into the quagmire of fundamentalism. They are both likely as not to commit a protracted suicide.
To my knowledge, for the first time in human history Quantum Theory introduced the dogma of probability. Since the human species is still in its infancy, anyone stepping into scientific, religious, or even philosophical subject with a fundamentalist certainty is bound to die a painful, protracted, and absurdly unnecessary death.
Even in terms of the present Universe, and there may have been countless little Big Bangs before ‘ours’, we are babes in the woods.
And… it seems, we are advancing deeper and deeper into the jungle of ignorance. We are not advancing but drifting away from the truth.

Hence Pragmatic Realism. Only that which does not deny or infringe on Universal Laws—the Laws that we are only just beginning to study—is OK.
 For now.
All else are DELUSIONS.
If we survive till tomorrow we might learn more about our potential. That would be evolution. Not how to kill people or other members of the animal kingdom. At present we don’t even know how many neurons we have in our heads. Somewhere between 50 and 100 billion our scientists say. A typical neuron fires 5-50 times every second. Before we destroy our planet shouldn’t we at least become aware of the functions of some of the 100 to 1000 trillion synapses? Our potential must be staggering!
We don’t even know how to make our hearts beat faster or how to raise the temperature of our body by an act of our will.
Since our little Big Bang, nature managed to equip us with a magnificent biological computer we call brain. Isn’t it time we began using it? And please, let us never forget that the brain doesn’t think. We think, I suspect we use our mind for that. We use the brain to translate our ideas into the energy of thoughts. The rest follows.
That’s all folks!
Let us learn to use our magnificent computer before we learn how to destroy it. There is not much time left…
Then, and only then, we shall begin to know one or two percent of how the Universe works. And until then, and I address both the scientists and the sacerdotal brethren, please, let us show a little, just a little more humility.
We are still, yet again, in kindergarten. 

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  1. Interesting perspective, Stanislaw. I don't pretend to understand quantum laws but I do use some of them daily -- Law of Attraction; Law of Abundance; Law of Allowance, etc. All I can say is that they work for me. I'll leave the how and why up to the Universe.

    1. I am glad, Kate, that you find the Universe as benevolent as I do.