Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Argument for Evolution

The remnants of past knowledge reached us in symbolic form. We ate the apple from the tree of knowledge. Our subconscious (Eve) substituted knowledge from without for the knowledge that lies deep within our psyche. We got expelled from Eden—from Paradise, wherein all knowledge came only from within.
Today only little children retain this natural ability to create reality by converting unconscious ideas into imaginary phenomena. Yet, all too soon, we, adults, the all-knowing apes of dubious intelligence, destroy this trait by substituting knowledge gained from within, by pseudo-knowledge acquired from without. Parents, teachers, preachers, scientists, substitute illusory phenomenal reality for true reality.
Few of us seem aware of dual evolution. One affects our environment—the other our relationship to that environment. The first might be named the evolution without, the latter—within. The first creates conditions in which less and less is expected of us—as our lives are simplified by technology. Our physical and mental needs are sated by outside influences. A plethora of gadgets usurps our attention, which results in, what Albert Einstein prophetically called, “a generations of idiots.”
That’s us. The gadgeteers.

And then there is the Inner Evolution.
Many if not most scientists deny that such even exists. They pride themselves in being atheists, not realizing that, except for the sacerdotal society fewer and fewer people recognize even the Bible as a religious document.
To set the record straight, Bible is a compendium of knowledge accumulated over thousands of years, designed to help us with our inner evolution. It states repeatedly that we (ye) are gods, that “father and I are one”, that we are ALL “children of the most high”. That the only heaven we shall ever experience is within us. It encourages us to continue discovering the divinity, or better said, the Infinite Potential that simmers within us, waiting to be discovered.
Some, very few, discover at least a smidgen of the power that is our rightful heritage. We refer to those few as geniuses, immortal composers, painters, poets, even scientist; all whose raison d’être, whose fulfillment, was derived from the Unconscious within. There, and only there, lies our invincible, immortal power. ‘Without’ are only the consequences, the results, that illustrate our hidden Potential.
And yet, YE ARE GODS!
All of us.
We must evolve the Potential Within, not rely on gadgets we invent to reduce our thinking to absolute minimum—to become a generation of idiots.

I attempted to illustrate the above premise in my Alexander Trilogy. In Book One, ALEC, the protagonist of the same name, takes the first steps along the path of self-discovery. In ALEXANDER he climbs towards meeting his real potential. Finally his son, SACHA, takes the gigantic steps towards evolutionary apex.
Like his father, Sacha evolved within, and gradually advanced towards clearer understanding what was his purpose for being on Earth. We all have unique missions, unique contributions to the evolution within.
Shouldn’t the rest of us at least try to find out what ours is? 

Alexander Trilogy Book One

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