Monday, 28 September 2015

Creating your own Universe

We keep forgetting that we are gods. All of us. The Old Testament, the Torah, stipulates that Elohim had created the world. Few of us seem to know that in Hebrew, Elohim is plural. It means gods. And since creation is an ongoing process we, you and I, continue to create our worlds, our Universes, or better said our realities, on an ongoing basis. Whatever we visualize, develop with our minds by listening to our Unconscious, then enliven the idea with our imagination and emotions, sooner or later becomes our personal reality.
When our creations overlap with other peoples’, the reality becomes objective. Usually, it is only what we perceive with our physical senses.
That, however, does NOT make it ‘real’ in either the subjective nor objective sense. It is transient, ephemeral. As mentioned, creation is an ongoing process.
The mention in the Torah that Universe had been created in 7 days is just a metaphor. In the Bible number 7 represents personal perfection, a sort of fait accompli. Done. Finished. Actual perfection refers only to ideas that reach us from the Unconscious, not to what we manage to manifest in the phenomenal reality. The final product, as we know, is illusory. Transient. Ephemeral. Only our transient egos call it real. Today’s scientists know that ‘material’ world is “virtually empty space”. Einstein called it intertwining energy fields.
Not real.
So… why bother?

That is the secret of all secrets. All ideas already exist in their perfect Potential Form. Our access to them is only through our Unconscious. Hence meditation/contemplation is so important. The Subconscious is the storehouse of what we’ve already experienced; of all realities we’ve already visualized and manifested in the past. The new stuff, the omnipresent, inexhaustible Source of new ideas, hovers on the edge of our Consciousness in the eternal, infinite, Unconscious.
Some people call it God, with a capital G.

The Creative Process is eternal.
It is our ability to participate in It that makes us gods. Visualization is the first indispensible step towards its implementation. We are not here to slave and suffer “forever after”. That reality is an invention of ignorant pessimists, or sadists, who want to scare people with their image of hell, or with eternal boredom of heaven depicted as “eternal rest”.
Heaven is right here and how. As the “Good Book” says, within you. That’s within you and me. Everyone. You can’t die and ‘go’ to heaven. Where you ‘go’ is to a temporary holiday, a haven of your Subconscious. There you, the Individualized Consciousness, have access to all your memories, and you can relive them at will. Good and bad. Your choice.
Remember, you are not your phenomenal, i.e. temporary physical body. You are, as I am, the Consciousness that abides in it, for the sole purpose of being gods. And being gods simply means being creative. It means developing abstract ideas that reach us from the Unconscious into realities we might share with others.
It’s a wonderful life!


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