Thursday, 10 September 2015

YESHUA—A Personal Memoir

There is a strange dichotomy seemingly built into human psyche. We want to celebrate our achievements, exalt our ego, and yet we need others to take the blame if things go wrong. Also, no matter how high our ego takes us, we all seem to reach even higher, to an Entity we call God, and no matter how successful we become, most of us live in fear that this imaginary Entity will slap our wrists if we misbehave.
In this sense, we are still children though no longer in Paradise.
As a child, Essenes steeped in tradition, engrossed in prophecies, indoctrinated Yeshûa’s young mind. Soon Yeshûa must have realized that the teaching had little to do with everyday life, nor was it practiced by the majority of people.
Disappointed, at first opportunity he escaped their ministrations. Like any young man, he needed freedom to think on his own.

This is why the Bible remains silent regarding the next 18 years of Yeshûa’s life. We can only speculate what must have happened during those years. One thing we do know, and that is that Yeshûa remained faithful to the teaching of the Prophets and the Mosaic Law. He already noticed that neither the Scribes nor Pharisees practiced the Law. He needed to broaden his horizons, study other religions, philosophies.
On his eventual return to Jerusalem, he shared his knowledge. What this was you can read in the Bible, providing you accept that in his day people had their own idiomatic way of expressing ideas. Hence the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism I offered last week.
Once thing we know for certain, and that is that if it weren’t for his travels and the acquired learning, Christianity would never have happened. He would not have the knowledge to point out how far the Israelites of his day have drifted from the original philosophy.

How Yeshûa may have reached his conclusions is the story of my book. There may have been other ways. My story explores one possibility. My researched was based on data available at the time of my writing.
We must remember that some 1300 years before Yeshûa was born, Moses had similar problems. People of each generation stray away from their origins and slowly drift into the realities of illusion and deceit. Thanks to Einstein and quantum physicists we now know that physical reality is sham. That in fact it consists exclusively of energy, and that even that which we recognize as ‘solids’, or matter, are merely quanta of energy slowed down sufficiently for us to be recognized with our physical senses. And… even then those quanta are 99.99999etc… empty space.

Yeshûa did not have our advantages. Yet, like his prophetic predecessors, he had to imagine a reality where ‘spirit’, or Consciousness is the only reality. Not easy for people steeped in phenomenal reality…  just like most of us are even today. Perhaps one day, like Yeshûa’s, our journey will turn inwards.
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