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Male and Female created he them, states the book of Genesis. We seem to forget that the statement has a double meaning. One, that having created Adam He, God, went about creating Eve (rib story). But there is the second, less fundamentalist meaning which makes a lot more sense, and that is that we evolved as hermaphrodites. That the human species carries both, male and female characteristics, and they differ only in certain, almost marginal qualities.
Although it seems by far the most prevailing subject for fiction published lately, I am not talking about erotica, porno or even ‘just’ sex. What I am saying is that men and women are both equipped with the same Subconscious, i.e. indelible memory, and that Consciousness is expressed as much but not identically through both, men and women. The realm of Universal Consciousness is so vast, in fact infinite, that it needs a little diversity through which to express Itself. We, men and women, inter alia, provide this diversity. The physical differences between us are, frankly, marginal. Hence… homosexuals, androgens, intersex, epicenes, biological bisexuals, gynandromorphs, which are all common in the diversity of nature.
We are no different.
All living organism store genetic information in the same molecules, known as DNA and RNA.
We are all carriers of the amorphous energy of life.

However, we are not concerned here with physical differences, but with other human characteristics such as the functioning of our mind and emotions, which contribute to our creative capacity. 
We use our brains to diversify and process the vastness of the input we receive from our Unconscious. To aid us in this endeavour, nature equipped us with the left and right hemispheres of the brain. While both are made up of billions of identical neurons, their arrangement is such as to favour specific functions, partially at the expense of the other. Only very few and very exceptional people can balance both hemispheres and apply the total of their capacity and ability to the task at hand.
We must remember that the word ‘holy’, which we came to equate with ‘sacred, ‘consecrated’, or ‘sanctified’, originates from the same root as ‘whole’ or ‘healthy’. Hence ‘holy’ means complete or undivided.

This brings us to the stories of Anne Howell of Avatar Syndrome and Headless world.  
Neurosurgeons at the Montreal Neurological Hospital discovered that in Anne’s brain the Medulla Oblongata and the Pons that act as communication and coordination center between the two halves of the brain, are disproportionally larger than in average people. This in addition of the ‘over-developed’ corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres, also contributed to Anne having unprecedented ability to draw on both halves of her brain in unison.
It bears mentioning that it is usual to have the front portion of corpus callosum larger in musicians than non-musicians…
The rest is history. She became a world-renown virtuoso. There were other consequences, on global scale, which you’ll have to discover for yourself in the sequel, the Headless World.  

Prequel to the Headless World
Book One of Anne Howell Duology

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