Sunday, 6 September 2015

2000 Years of Ignorance.

Truth must be continuously rediscovered. Perhaps the learned scholars left so many words not translated in the Old and New Testaments, to await the time when people will be capable of accepting and absorbing the Truth hidden from the “unholy eyes”. I remind you of an astounding promise. If you find out for yourself what Moses, Jesus and the prophets really said to their people. "The truth will set you free.
According to Emmet Fox, the celebrated author of a number of books on biblical subjects, the time has come. It might have something to do with the Age of Aquarius, during which period, lasting some 2150 years, we are to earn to stand on our own feet, most probably without propping ourselves up with religious dogmas, priesthood and, perhaps most of all without TV evangelists who, according to other TV programs, are robbing people blind.
To each his and her own.
I prefer to walk “The road less travelled”. I hope, once you discover the mysteries, which my Dictionary unveils, so will you. You will cut your own way through the jungle of theological arguments with confidence born of the Truth you discovered on your own.
From the first High Priest of Israel, (c. 1564 BC - 1451 BC), it was all downhill.  Finally Yeshûa (Jesus) described the priesthood as: “Ye blind guides” (Matt.23:16), “Ye fools” (Matt.23.17), “Ye serpents” (Matt.23:33), “Ye generations of Vipers” (Matt. 23:33), “hypocrites” (Luke 11:44), and some other well chosen phrases. No wonder they crucified him. He was not good for business?
Little has changed.
We seem to forget that when most of the Bible was written there were NO churches, NO (Christian priesthood as yet), NO Vatican, no TV evangelists. The purpose of the Bible was quite different. Now, thanks to my Dictionary, you can find out for yourself what it was all about.
No. I am NOT going to tell you what the Bible teaches. I leave that to today’s version of Scribes and Pharisees. But I offer you the means to find out for yourself. I’ll show you how I did it for myself, but you must travel your road on your own.
The road less travelled.

I conclude with an excerpt from a review of the Dictionary by an author from England, Alistair Forrest:

“…I am an enthusiast of the Old Testament as history. Now there is a way to read and understand the OT as teaching. I am so grateful for Stanislaw's dictionary and his depth of understanding, especially in the extremely helpful examples he gives of understanding otherwise seemingly dry OT passages.
       ...This deserves wide recognition not only among the followers of religion but also anyone seeking inspiration and understanding.”

Remember, according to the document we are discussing, Ye are gods and heaven is within you.  Everyone of you. Or at least the Potential dwells within your Consciousness.
The rest is up to you.
Good luck! 

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